Beyond the creation of the art, arts professionals play a vital role in sustaining the arts and fostering an appreciation for artistic endeavors.

This often overlooked segment of the field is indispensable in helping document artists’ intentions and to expand the visual arts canon; in preserving and restoring artwork as it weathers light, heat, dust and other environmental exposures; and in educating the public about the role of art in building well-rounded individuals and communities.

The third type of Abaraka Award is designed to assist early- to mid-career arts professionals in completion of

  • Written research projects that document the roles and impact of African American women in the visual arts in the U.S.; or
  • Academic Requirements for admission into Curatorial and Art Conservation graduate studies programs.



Who is Eligible for Arts Professional Grants

  • African American woman
  • United States citizen
  • A working artist/arts professional with at least five years of experience
  • Has not written/edited more than 2 books related to artistic topics/research that were published by a third-party publisher
  • How to Apply for Arts Professional Grants

  1. Provide a Written Description of the proposed visual art project, to include:
    1. Description of Academic Assistance Desired/Research Proposal with distribution strategy, as applicable;
    2. Explanation of how this project relates to your previous areas of academic, professional, or creative endeavors;
    3. Budget List of Assistance needed;
    4. OPTIONAL: Detailed explanation of how young female artists will be included in research project (5% additional weighting will be given to projects that incorporate high school and college-bound African American young women in completion of the project);
      Project timeline; and
    5. Quarterly progress report deadlines (to include disbursement schedule and specify at least one (1) mid-project written and visual report).


  1. Provide
  • For Academic Assistance Proposal – Provide certified transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework and degrees pursued to date; include 1 written sample of a previous academic project that relates to your proposal.
  • For Research Proposal – Provide 3 written samples and/or book excerpts of previous research projects (minimum 20 pages each); at least 1 sample should focus on arts-related topic.
  1. Submit CV of your art-related training, exhibitions, and publications.

    4. Submit Resume of work experience.

    5. Provide 3 References from arts-related professionals, include title, organization, email, phone number and  how you know the art professional.

    6. Submit complete application to and

    NOTEThe work in progress must be documented in still image, video, or both forms. An image by the grant recipient may be used in print and electronic marketing materials for the Abaraka Awards (excluding any items that may be sold or exchanged for remuneration by SAEAS) to promote or advertise the grants in subsequent years, and included in grant reports or other grant-focused purposes. Thumbnail or low-resolution versions of an image may be used in online formats.

    Key Dates:

  • Application Deadline:  June 30, 2023
  • Announcement of Grant Recipient: TBD
  • Signed Image Release for Art and Recipient Agreement: TBD
  • Quarterly Progress Reports:  Dates TBD
  • Mid-Project Written and Visual Report: Date TBD
  • Submit Project Report & Impact Statement Video (Artist compliance Review): by December 2024